Seniors for the Tulane Fund

Each year, graduating seniors band together to take their first step into the community of Tulane alumni. They participate by giving to Seniors for The Tulane Fund.

If you’re a senior, now is your chance to give thanks to the university that has helped shape you into who you are today. The Class of 2017 has set a participation goal of 25 percent. If 394 of us give, we will make Tulane history by holding the highest giving participation rate of any Senior class yet.

The Tulane experience is unlike any other. As a Tulane University student you have the opportunity to study with top professors, do meaningful volunteer work in the community and take advantage of cultural activities unique to New Orleans. It doesn’t end there. From study abroad programs in over 35 countries, to innovative projects in state-of-the-art facilities—a Tulane education prepares you for a lifetime of success.

But did you know these opportunities wouldn't be possible without the support of Tulane donors? Our donors support the university’s most urgent needs as well as the extras that make your time spent at Tulane so memorable. Gifts from alumni, parents, faculty, staff—and even students—bring campus to life each day.

Not only will your gift directly help fund things like scholarships and student services, it will also give you the chance to pay tribute to those who are making your Tulane experience the experience of a lifetime.

Top 5 reasons to give to Seniors for The Tulane Fund:

  1. Express your Tulane pride –Your participation is an investment in the community you love.
  2. Pay it forward – Just as gifts from Tulane alumni contributed to your education, your gift helps ensure future students have an equally amazing Tulane experience.
  3. You choose – You can support the part of Tulane that’s most meaningful to you.
  4. Increase the value of your degree – Alumni giving rates influence Tulane’s rankings each year. Start your tradition of giving now.
  5. Break a record – Help your class make history with highest giving participation rate yet.

When it comes to student gifts, there’s strength in numbers. Your contribution doesn’t need to be large, but when combined with the gifts from fellow students, it can have a huge impact. To contribute to Seniors for The Tulane Fund, click here.