The Tulane Fund

Each year, contributions from alumni, parents, and staff are leveraged to make a huge impact on Tulane.  As the university’s largest source of unrestricted support, the Tulane Fund helps to support programs and services that are critical to the university, such as providing scholarships, upgrading facilities, and attracting top faculty. Because gifts to the Tulane Fund are immediately expendable, they are put to use each year to help meet the university’s most urgent needs. Very few resources play as vital a role at Tulane as the Tulane Fund.

Consistent giving is the cornerstone of Tulane’s success. Here are a few reasons you should consider supporting the Tulane Fund:

1.  Every gift counts, no matter the size.
All contributions, regardless of size, are important to Tulane’s students. Your donation will be leveraged with others to make big improvements on campus.

2.  Nearly 75 percent of Tulane students receive some form of financial aid.
Tulane Fund dollars help bring a world-class education within reach for many talented students. Contributions are also utilized to help reduce the debt load of students upon graduation.

3.  There is power in numbers.
Contributions to the Tulane Fund from thousands of donors add up to the largest source of unrestricted funding the university receives.

4.  Annual gifts are used immediately.
Gifts to the Tulane Fund are put to immediate use to create real impact. Your contribution will fund the greatest and most urgent needs on campus and will directly impact current students.

5.  You can be part of that number.
The power of your gift will be leveraged with the support of thousands of other donors. Be a part of something big by making a contribution today.