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Stamps Foundation to provide Tulane scholarships

Roe and Penny Stamps at the 2013 Stamps Scholars National Convention

Roe and Penny Stamps at the 2013 Stamps Scholars National Convention at University of Michigan–Ann Arbor, with 233 Stamps Scholars and 38 administrators from partner schools. (Photo by Scott Soderberg, University of Michigan Photo Services)

Tulane University has announced a partnership with the Miami-based Stamps Family Charitable Foundation to provide scholarships to exceptional students who exemplify leadership, perseverance, scholarship, service and innovation.

An average of five students per year will receive Stamps Scholarships beginning in 2014, with as many as 20 Stamps Leadership Scholars enrolling at a time as the program grows.

Stamps Leadership Scholars will receive four-year, full-ride scholarships to Tulane, which include tuition, books, room, board and fees. Stamp Scholars will also receive funding for study abroad expenses, internships, academic conferences, co-curricular activities, leadership training and other enrichment opportunities.  In addition Stamps Leadership Scholars will participate in a national convention every two years.      

“This extraordinarily generous gift will ensure that Tulane can continue to attract the most sought-after and talented students,” Tulane President Scott Cowen said. “This scholarship program recognizes and awards the very qualities that are at the heart of a Tulane education.”

The Stamps Scholars program was established by E. Roe Stamps IV, founding partner of the private equity firm Summit Partners and Penelope Stamps, a former interior decorator.

What began with a gift to the scholarship program of Roe’s alma mater, Georgia Tech, has grown into one of the top scholarship programs in the country with over 430 Stamps Leadership Scholars enrolling this fall at 34 universities nationwide and sharing almost $60 million in Stamps Scholarship funding. Last year the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation also gave $32.5 million to the University of Michigan’s art and design school, which was renamed the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design.

"Inspired by the impact our university experiences have had on our own  lives, we have chosen to support exceptional students in their pursuit of higher education. We are so glad to join with Tulane as one of our partners in this effort,” Roe Stamps said.

Michael Strecker is the executive director of public relations in University Communications and Marketing.